YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled communities supporting their police and general fund budgets with radar speed cameras can have their state funding cut, But Youngstown may have found a way around the new ruling.

The Youngstown Board of Control Thursday approved hiring a company to operate a series of cameras placed in school zones in the community to help enforce traffic laws and speed limits. Law Director Jeff Limbian said that while the high court’s ruling will allow the General Assembly in Columbus to withhold funding from communities that use the cameras to boost their budgets, Youngstown’s plans will be permitted.

“We understand it to mean that as long we’re spending monies that we get through those cameras in school zones for safety upgrading and protection of schools and school zones, that’s an allowable ticket and expenditure,” Limbian said.

Youngstown stopped using the speed cameras to enforce speed limits on local highways several years ago when lawmakers threatened to cut the city’s share of the Local Government Fund.