YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — On Monday, many runners will line up for one of the most coveted races in the running community — the Boston Marathon.

There are 17 local runners who qualified — 10 from Ohio and seven from Pennsylvania.

One of the Ohio runners is Joseph Vanek from Youngstown. This will be his third time running the Boston Marathon, including virtually during the height of the pandemic.

His goal is to break his personal best time of three hours and 30 minutes this year.

He said he’s made many memories in each of those 26.2 miles.

“There’s so many along that course, Wellesley College, the Wellesley scream tunnel. I can still hear — I mean it was just deafening, and then seeing the finish line in the distance after all the hard work, it sends a chill down your spine,” Vanek said.

Vanek is also an ambassador for the Youngstown Marathon in October and will be pacing it this year.

You can sign up for the marathon or 5K at Second Sole or on the Youngstown Marathon Facebook page — with code Joe22 to get 15% off.