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Youngstown man creates mobile app to block robocalls

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The app is designed to block robocalls that may try calling from multiple numbers.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A Youngstown man has created a way that he says will stop robocalls from coming through to your phone. 

Donnie Willis created a mobile app called the Silencer. He said the app allows you to block robocalls and scam calls.  

“Basically, I got tired of telemarketers. I think it’s a nuisance for everyone,” Willis said.

The app will block any number not saved in your contact list. It will send the calls straight to voicemail, without your phone ever ringing. 

The app will also list the calls you missed, in case you may need to call back. 

Willis said the app is designed to block robocalls that may try calling from multiple numbers.

“Telemarketers use in-house numbers — 330, 234 numbers –to try to, you know, pull you in and answer calls. So you can block that specific number on other apps, but on my app, you block all numbers that are not in your contact list,” he said.

The app can be turned on and off, so you can decide when you want it to be active. 

Willis said the idea to create an app came up because he wanted his children to know they could do anything in life.

He began working on the idea over a year ago. He teamed up with RunningH20, a web developer, and together, they brought the vision to life. 

Willis said the app was denied at least five times before finally getting approved for the Google Play Store. But, he said this was a message to never give up. 

“We all gonna get a lot of nos in life, but when you get that first yes, you know, now you want that second, and that third, and that fourth. So from that, grow from them nos, make them nos into yeses,” he said.

Willis doesn’t have any background in app development. He said he is just a regular guy from Youngstown who stayed persistent, and if he could do it, others can, too. 

The Silencer can be downloaded through the Google Play Store on Android devices for $1.99 a month. It’s not yet available on Apple IOS, but he said that is in the works.

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