YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – For the second time in 17 days, someone came to the rescue at Northside Pool in Youngstown, saving a child who was drowning.

Drowning is something we may think will never happen to us — but it can. That’s why public pools have lifeguards.

Lifeguard Anthony Jones, 16, didn’t hesitate when two girls needed his help Friday.

“One that could swim a little bit jumped into the pool, the 11-feet pool,” he said. “The girl who couldn’t swim, just off the diving board.”

It was clear they were in trouble.

“They were actually on top of each other, trying to gasp for air, so I quickly jumped into the pool,” Jones said.

He jumped in to save them. He said another woman helped him get them out.

Pool manager Kevin Tarpley said the girls are in good condition because of Jones.

“Tony Jones acted quickly and appropriately to make sure that both of those young ladies got out of the water as quickly as possible.”

Tarpley considers him a hero but Jones said it’s just part of the job.

“I’m a lifeguard. This is normally what lifeguards do. Just the regular, I guess,” Jones said.

But his boss couldn’t be prouder.

“I’m so proud that he didn’t freeze. I’m so proud that he was able to effect the rescue in the manner that he did,” Tarpley said.

If you know how to swim, Tarpley recommends becoming a lifeguard.

“Every young person who knows how to swim should consider becoming a lifeguard,” he said.

Tarpley said the little girls didn’t need any medical treatment and were back to playing not long after the rescue.