YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The Youngstown Lifeguard Academy will be expanding its reach this year.

It’s partnering with Indiana Dunes National Park in Porter, Indiana.

Academy lifeguards will travel there this summer and will meet with the park officials to discuss a lifeguard development plan.

The academy is also working on a similar partnership with Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Academy president Kevin Tarpley says this can help reduce the lifeguard shortage.

“Everyone is crying for lifeguards. So here we have an opportunity now to meet the needs locally and now start contributing nationally,” said Kevin Tarpley, Youngstown Lifeguard Academy president.

The academy is recruiting 60 lifeguards from Youngstown and Warren right now. It’s also recruiting kids ages 13 to 14 to improve their swimming skills. Tarpley says this will help them develop into potential lifeguards.

Those interested in signing up for the Youngstown Lifeguard Academy Fall class can call the office at 234-855-0035