Youngstown firefighters’ union says it wants to clarify points made during safety meeting

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The city needs 27 firefighters on duty to man the trucks

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Youngstown City Council’s Safety Committee held a virtual meeting this week to discuss the rolling fire station closures.

On Saturday, the firefighter’s union wanted to share their side of the story.

Chief Barry Finley told council that the citizens’ safety is not being affected by the temporary closing of fire stations. The city needs 27 firefighters on duty to man the trucks.

IAFF Local 312, which is the union for the firefighters, has spoken out against Finley on multiple occasions.

The union sent a letter to council on Saturday. They say they want to clarify a few things that were said during Thursday’s meeting.

In the letter, the union said the fire department hasn’t replaced the last nine firefighters that left or retired in the past two years or so, leaving the department understaffed.

Comparisons were drawn between the Youngstown fire department and the Canton fire department.

The full letter can be viewed in the link below.

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