A hit and run involving an 8-year-old boy has a happy ending Tuesday night.

The accident happened back in August, and while the boy ended up being ok, his bike was destroyed.

Youngstown firefighters made a special delivery Tuesday night to fix that.

Between the fire truck, ambulance, and cruisers, first responders made a pretty big scene on Cambridge Avenue.

It was the first time they’d seen the boy they rescued since the accident, and his reaction was priceless.  

It’s been just over a month since Jenciel Filero seen the first responders. Last time, it was under many different circumstances.

“We found him in the middle of the road, right in the center of the intersection, face down. His bike was destroyed a few feet away from him,” said Captain Tony Burnett, of the Youngstown Fire Department.

Filero was hit by a car.

“The person who hit the boy also fled the scene. So now it was a hit and run,” Burnett said. 

Word traveled through the fire station and eventually reached Shaun Rosan. He’s part of a motorcycle club called the Axemen Firefighters with bikes looking to give back.

“I immediately made the call to the other Axemen and we put our heads together and found a bicycle for this boy,” Rosan said.

Tuesday, they brought it to Filero.

One after the other, firemen, EMTs and policemen rode to his home. It was a surprise.

And while Filero was a bit shy at first, it didn’t take long for him to hop on his new ride.

“Butterflies are in my stomach. I really love this new bike,” he said.

All healed up, with a new toy, and new friends, there was just one thing left to say.

“Thank you,” he told them.

Filero called those men his heroes.

And while he says he wants to be many things when he grows up, a firefighter’s one of them.