Youngstown educators protest Ohio bills changing how they can teach

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Educators and community members gathered at Wean Park in Youngstown Friday to protest Ohio House Bills 327 and 322.

H.B. 327 proposes to prohibit schools to teach, advocate or promote divisive concepts.

H.B. 322 proposes revising the teaching of certain current events and concepts regarding race and sex in public schools.

Both of the proposed bills are Republican backed.

Those at the protest wanted to be able to “Teach the Truth” about society. They want to teach kids to use critical thinking when looking at society and history.

One educator said it isn’t necessarily changing what is in the curriculum – but how it’s taught.

“We have to look at the way the curriculum has historically been written because the problem is there has been so many things left out of the curriculum,” said teacher Heather Smith said.

Smith said teachers are left in a grey area when trying to teach things that aren’t in the text or lesson plans, but are truths that were left our.

Other educators and community members spoke on unity and being truthful about the history of the nation.

“This is important work. More teachers need to be doing it and they need to be educating themselves,” Smith said.

More information H.B. 327 and H.B. 322 are available here.

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