YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The city of Youngstown captured on a screen — that’s what you’ll see in the documentary “Greyland.”

“Greyland” was filmed over the course of six years. The film follows Youngstown natives Rocco Sait and Amber Beale.

“We follow them over six years to see their ways and vision of working to try to change their community,” said filmmaker Alexandra Sicotte-Levesque.

Sicotte-Levesque is a filmmaker from Canada. She traveled back and forth to Youngstown to film the documentary and spent nine years working on it.

“We came to Youngstown with a complete open mind, in a way… and people were so welcoming and let us kind of into their lives… We got sucked in, into Youngstown and we never really left and here we are today, nine years later,” she said.

The film debuted on Monday in Pittsburgh, then had another showing on Tuesday at Westside Bowl in Youngstown.

“I think a lot of people might expect a film, especially a documentary like this to have some kind of like hopeful message, but it truly is a portrait of just everyday life and how you try and it doesn’t work out and you try and it does work out,” Sait said.

The film is named after the vintage shop Sait owns, Greyland Vintage, in downtown Youngstown.

“I think it’s about this reflection of where do we wanna go as a society, as a community and that really deep need as human beings for a sense of identity, and how do we build that together,” Sicotte-Levesque said.

The film is being shown in different festivals across the U.S. and has had some interest in Europe and the Middle East. Sicotte-Levesque says it will most likely be available to the public next year after the film has been shown throughout the film festivals.