Youngstown councilwoman wins close 7th Ward race, runner-up challenges her eligibility

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The final vote count was 580-573

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – All votes have been counted and a tie is now broken in the race for Youngstown City Council’s 7th Ward.

Monday morning, Mahoning County Board of Elections certified this month’s general election vote and determined that Basia Adamczak won the re-election by seven votes.

The final vote count was 580-573.

While losing candidate Don Scott says he’s willing to pay for a recount of his race, he’s also filing a complaint about Adamczak over her use of multiple addresses.

He’s referring to an address listed in court papers on East Florida Avenue and another listed on her campaign forms, which is a couple blocks away on Aberdeen Avenue.

“She does not reside there. It’s further an issue because you’re required to file documents which you’re swearing that they’re true,” Scott said.

Scott argues that Adamczak broke the law by voting with an address where she doesn’t actually live.

“And clearly, the evidence speaks for itself,” Scott said.

Adamczak said the Aberdeen home is jointly owned by her estranged husband, while the one on East Florida belongs to a relative.

Scott’s lawyer admits the complaint is coming too late to remove Adamczak from the ballot.

“It would not undo the election. However, there is a question whether or not she’d be able to serve in office,” said Attorney Mark Hanni.

“They’re going to file that complaint and we’re going to see where it goes,” said Board of Elections chair Mark Munroe.

Munroe said the only task for members Monday morning was to certify the vote.

“Now, if it turns out that she’s unable to serve, then that would create a vacancy in council,” Munroe said.

At that point, choosing a replacement for Adamczak would be up to the remaining members of city council.

Adamczak released the following statement Monday:

“Now that the official vote count has been finalized, I would like to thank my supporters, the Democratic Party and the work of the Board of Elections. I’m excited to continue serving and working for the great people of our Valley.

As it pertains to a complaint filed by Donald P. Scott, I understand he is feeling frustrated with the result of the election. Yet, exploiting personal hardships, such as my divorce proceeding involving my minor children, is completely disheartening. In today’s political climate, mudslinging is expected but this crosses that line.”

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