YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Companies are under intense pressure to cut costs and reduce carbon footprints. A Youngstown company has found a way to help other companies do both of those things.

Aluminum extrusion makes many things in aerospace, auto parts, window and door frames and even sailboat masts. One problem is heating the billets. It’s expensive.

A small Youngstown company, Induction Professionals, has developed, designed and built an electric induction billet heater. It’s being shipped next week to a Georgia company.

“This particular unit, based on the testing we did when they were here, will heat that same billet and use 34 percent less energy than the ones they’ve been buying previously,” said Tom Kearney, GM of Induction Professionals.

That energy efficiency is important. Induction Professionals was able to find a way to get more heat with less electricity.

“We ran something like over 100 tests for different configurations. We changed the way the coil is fabricated,” Kearney said.

A billet gets pushed into the heating coil. The unit is capable of heating that billet to 700 degrees within a minute. Then it’s pushed out of the induction heating coil and ready to be used in extrusion. This unit is set up to heat a billet in seven minutes.

“This particular application is something they call a hard aluminum alloy, and the harder aluminum alloy is used to make aircraft parts,” Kearney said.

This unit was developed because many suppliers were asking their customers to reduce their carbon footprints. Induction Professionals achieved that and developed a way for it to draw fewer amps, saving money on heating costs.

“You can figure out pretty quickly they’re gonna save a lot of money running this,” Kearney said.

The customer in Georgia receiving this was just told its electric rate is going up 400 percent. This unit will help it be more energy efficient and save money.

The unit costs a quarter-million dollars, but in 25 years, Induction Professionals calculates it can save a company nearly $1.5 million.