Youngstown community brainstorms how to reduce city crime rate

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Anita Davis Town Hall Meeting

A monthly town hall meeting was held in Youngstown on Saturday to discuss what can be done to lower crime rate in the city.

One homicide has been reported in Youngstown within the first 12 days of the new year.

6th Ward Councilwoman Anita Davis believes crime is already running rampant in 2019.

“Dollar General and Family Dollar are being broken into. Taco Bell being robbed in broad daylight.”

She said if crime rates continue to rise, people will not come to the city.

“Our homicide rate is one of the highest homicide rates per capita in the country,” Davis said.

According to the latest FBI statistics, Youngstown’s homicide rate in 2017 was 3.59 per 10,000 people, substantially higher than the national average. 

“This is two years in a row we’ve had this going on.”

She would like to see an increase in patrol cars through the Youngstown streets.

“It is a deterrent because if there is a car hovering around, if you’re thinking about doing something stupid, it’s not going to happen,” said 6th Ward neighbor Sandra Murphy. 

Murphy is the owner of Flambeau’s Live. She and Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown think Davis’s idea would help bring down the crime rate.

“You’ll see a great difference in 2019 as it relates to our presence and our visibility right here in the city of Youngstown,” Brown said.

Youngstown police and community members also attended the meeting. 

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