YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Youngstown Safety Committee is looking at the possibility of using speed cameras in school zones.

“The data shows that drivers speeding 11 miles per hour and over in those school zones were 40,274 vehicles in a five-day period,” said Mark Hutchinson, CEO of Blue Line Solutions.

That data is from 33 school zones in Youngstown. Hutchinson’s company installs cameras in school zones to help stop people from speeding.

“At no cost to the city, and there would be no maintenance cost to the city as well,” he said.

Hutchinson said in other states, its program reduced speeding by just over 91% in two months.

The cameras have yet to be approved by council. If council agrees to have them installed, the public would be made aware in advance.

“There will be a significant public education campaign that precedes any enforcement. There will be a 30-day warning period that would precede any enforcement,” said Hutchinson.

The cameras can operate by themselves without a police officer present, which helps in a city where staffing is an issue, according to Councilwoman Anita Davis.

“I would much rather see a police officer than the cameras, but that’s not going to happen because a visible police officer has way more impact than the camera up there, but since we won’t have enough officers to do that, the cameras are the next best thing,” Davis said.

Money from any of the tickets would be split between the city and Blue Line Solutions. However, Hutchinson and Davis both say it’s not about money to them; it’s about public safety.

The Youngstown Safety Committee also discussed the AMR ambulance contract. The financial office has until the next meeting to create legislation to present to council to vote on whether they will subsidize AMR or go another route.

The speed cameras will also be discussed. That meeting will be April 28.