YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – If you were to remember Idora Park, then you would remember the Jane Carousel. The one-time centerpiece of Idora Park and a source of memories for countless people has been sitting underneath the Brooklyn Bridge for several years.

“It’s one thing in New York to see them visiting the carousel and hear them recount memories. It’s a different thing to be here in the community where the park was,” said Kyle Goings, director of Jane’s Carousel documentary.

On Saturday, film makers from New York spoke about coming to the Valley to produce a documentary on the carousel.

“Working there over the years operating the ride, we would see people from Youngstown come in and visit. You can see on their faces when they walked in. They would have the time of their life signing the book, riding the ride and being taken back to the memories,” said Goings.

After the death of Jane, Goings said that’s when he approached Jim Amey, owner of the Idora Park Experience museum, who was all in for a documentary.

Goings says he always had a connection to the carousel because it came from Ohio and ended up in New York, just like he did.

“Just to be in its community and see the love people had for it and just be around that atmosphere just really brings it to another level of appreciation for the story,” Goings said.

In an effort to share the full experience, the crew interviewed those who went to Idora Park and grew up going on the carousel.

“In 2022 is the carousel’s 100th birthday, and I mean, that’s a long time. Countless number of people growing up on it, so I just think it’s important to share that and let it be appreciated,” Goings said.

“I’m honored they’re here to do this for us and with us. Hopefully, it will be a great documentary and a good tribute to Jane’s Carousel and also to Idora Park because that’s where the carousel started out,” said Amey.

The film is set to be finished and published by next September.