Editor’s note: This story has been edited to clarify that Murry submitted a request to resign; he didn’t resign yet.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Bishop George Murry has requested a resignation following his latest cancer diagnosis.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Youngstown made the announcement Tuesday that Murry submitted to Pope Francis his resignation from the office of diocesan bishop for reasons of ill health.  

Diagnosed with a form of acute leukemia in April 2018, Bishop Murry underwent intensive chemotherapy at the Cleveland Clinic. In July of 2019, he reentered the Cleveland Clinic for a reoccurrence of leukemia. 

At that time, tests confirmed that he was in remission and that doctors were not recommending a bone marrow transplant. 

This past April, his leukemia returned, and he resumed treatment. 

With this third bout of leukemia, his present state of health leaves him less able to fulfill tasks as bishop, the Diocese says.

“Once it is accepted, an administrator will be appointed or elected for the Diocese. The whole process takes a year to a year and a half before another Bishop is named here to Youngstown… There will not be an interim appointed. The Bishop is basically in consultation with several of us each and every day. He is, at this point, the ultimate the decision-maker. All decisions still made by the Bishop. He still remains the Bishop until the Holy Father accepts his resignation,” said Rev. Msgr John Zuraw.

Murry is the fifth bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown.