Young family buys century-old home in Salem

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SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) – A century old home in Salem attracted a family with three young kids.

Tara and Todd Peters’ home on South Lincoln was built in 1895. It’s exactly what this young couple wanted.

“When we were starting to look for homes, we wanted a house with character, charm and some fun history,” Tara Peters said.

They moved there about five years ago. While they knew exactly what they wanted, they also knew what challenges were ahead.

“I had an idea of what we were getting into. It turned out to be a little more than even that, but still, it’s a fun process. You just got to kind of budget your time, budget your money and realize it’s an ongoing process,” Todd Peters said.

They had to fix things like painting and redo some of the trim and plaster. When they bought the house for $150,000, it was the structure itself that they knew was in good shape.

“The remodeling that needed to be redone was simply that, just upgrades. But you can feel this house. I mean, it’s withstood 125 years.”

Something that might detract most people looking for homes is in the backyard – a detached garage. But for them, it was perfect.

“Cars are a hobby of mine. So I like a big, old garage and we were just happy with the detached garage. Doesn’t hurt us to run the 50 feet to the garage, at least at this age,” Todd Peters said.

They want to be able to raise their three kids in the home. Not just because of the house itself, but the area is also attracting more young families.

“Which makes it more desirable too, as a parent, for our kids to have friends to grow up with, ride bikes with, play,” Tara Peters said.

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