BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Students at Boardman Center Intermediate School are learning about the dangers of social media.

Monday morning, representatives from the Juvenile Justice Center talked about cell phones, the internet and bullying.

The presentation isn’t new, but it’s normally just for middle schoolers. On Monday, students as young as fourth grade got the same lessons, along with fifth and sixth graders.

It’s because educators say they’re seeing younger kids have access to social media.

“You still get shocked. To see the number of hands that went up when some very, very alarming questions were asked, it does open your eyes and it should make us all feel a little bit better that we have this going on today,” said Principal Mike Masucci.

Representatives from the Juvenile Justice Center also talked to parents about the benefits and risks of social media and technology.

If those risks come up, they wanted parents to be prepared for anything and to prevent problems from occurring.

This is something people usually hear about in middle and high school, but officials say sexting behaviors begin around the age of 12.

“Talking to students in high school and middle school is really talking to them too late, it’s after problems have already started to develop. So our preference is to talk with those students definitely, but also to talk to younger students to prevent the problem before it occurs,” said parent and Mahoning County Juvenile Court counselor Karen Guerrieri.

Educators say they’re seeing more and more younger kids have access to phones and social media.