TRUMBULL COUNTY, Ohio (WKBN) – The annual “Tour Route 7” sale came to Trumbull County on Saturday, lining up yard sales from Lake Erie to almost the Mahoning River.

Shoppers like Tina Klingersmith were not disappointed by the 60-mile stretch of sales.

“I got a clock, some jewelry, a lot of stuff for my grandchildren, I got a remote control car for my husband to play with my grandchildren,” said Klingersmith.

This is the first year Klingersmith visited the sale and said she really likes the idea.

“It gives people a chance to see what’s out here. I’m from Greenville. I don’t come this way very often, so it is kind of neat,” she said.

People sign up to host sales and stands along Route 7. Some are family yard sales and others are craft vendors looking to find new customers.

“I think people are interested in seeing what is out here. We have everything available from antiques to fruit,” said vendor Brian Misavage.

This is the seventh year for the 60-mile sale. Businesses set up snack stands along the way so hungry shoppers can take a break. Fruit and vegetable vendor Matt Bible said it gives his stands in Brookfield a boost.

“For the last few years it’s really got a big following. I was really surprised when I walked out this morning and saw the amazing amount of traffic. It’s unlike any other weekend. It’s nice to see everybody out too,” Bible said.

The Tour Route 7 is a one-day event.