WRTA plans new changes for local bus riders

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Several changes will be coming for riders on the WRTA within the next few months. 

People who use the bus system regularly said they do not know what they would do without it. 

“I ride the WRTA as much as I can,” said Barbara Heath from the east side of Youngstown.

Dean Harris, new executive director of WRTA, said upcoming changes will make the bus system more user-friendly.

“The biggest change will probably be more access, more frequency of service, so you have a better chance of catching a bus,” Harris said.

There will soon be fixed bus stops on every route. Currently, people can stand anywhere along the route and flag down a bus. That can cause delays, especially when people ask for stops every few intersections. 

“That would be good because sometimes the bus, when it picks up people, it slows them down on their pick-up time,” Heath said. 

WRTA is considering more buses and better hours. The system is also looking at transfer sites outside of the Federal Plaza depot.

“I feel like they should make things more convenient for other people because sometimes it takes a while to get from A to B,” said Tina Marie Dunn from Warren.

Heath said she is glad WRTA is looking over existing and possible new routes. 

“I’d like to see some changes on the routes because some of the buses go in areas where there’s no business driving anymore and they need to be re-routed to go closer to some businesses,” Heath said.

The director said there will also be ways to purchase tickets electronically rather than cash or paper passes. 

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