Wrongful arrest: Court system mistake humiliates Boardman man

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Lovell Walls said what happened to him could happen to any of us

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – A couple from Boardman is still upset after what’s being called a “glitch” landed a man in jail this week. They say what happened could’ve happened to anyone.

For Lovell Walls, his frightening misadventure started Monday afternoon when his daughter called to say she’d been stopped by Poland Village police and didn’t have her insurance card.

When he brought it to her, he said things went downhill.

“Then they approached me and said that there was a warrant out for my arrest and I said, ‘There’s no way there could be a warrant for me,'” Lovell said.

But it turned out Youngstown Municipal Court still had an outstanding warrant for a seat belt violation from 2011.

“Then they put handcuffs on me,” Lovell said.

Officers took him to jail, where he was booked and processed.

Five hours later, his wife, Shelly, bonded him out and the couple went home.

“She jumped on her iPad and it says it was closed,” Lovell said. “I looked under there, we seen that it said I paid everything.”

“I could not believe that I’m able to find out that information, yet our dispatch is verifying that, yes, there’s a warrant,” Shelly said.

On Wednesday, the couple went to the clerk of courts and was told the case had indeed been taken care of.

Since then, Clerk Sarah Brown-Clark said Thursday, her staff was looking into the matter to make sure the error is corrected and can’t happen again.

Still, Lovell and Shelly say the ordeal was humiliating.

“He has faith in the system, he trusts the system and the system put him in jail,” Shelly said.

“If this isn’t taken care of, what’s it going to do to our livelihood?” Lovell said. “If it happened to me, it can surely happen to somebody else.”

A frightening thought indeed.

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