YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) —  A woman who humane agents said had several different types of animals in deplorable conditions has agreed to relinquish of all of them except for a dog.

Maribel Maldonado made the agreement Tuesday with Animal Charity in municipal court, staving off a hearing in a civil case set for Wednesday.

Under the terms of the agreement, Maldonado also agrees to not possess or be around any animals other than the dog for two years.

If she abides by the agreement, she will not be prosecuted, according to the agreement.

Animal Charity was taking Maldonado to court after agents seized over 50 animals Feb. 28 from her home on Ohio Avenue on the North Side.

Among the animals seized were foxes, turkeys, turtles, rabbits, hedgehogs, fish and dogs.

The home was condemned because of the conditions inside, including a foul odor that drifted outside and caused some emergency personnel to gag.

Maldonado can keep an 11- year-old dog, under the agreement, provided she can show humane agents she has a safe, clean environment for the dog to live in and that she can provide proper medical care for the dog.