CHAMPION, Ohio (WKBN) – The historic Harper House along Mahoning Avenue in Champion is being demolished, but one person is trying to stop it.

The Harper House was built in 1840 and for a while served as the world headquarters for Copperweld Steel. Cindee Mines, who has worked to save historic homes in Trumbull County, is trying to make sure she can save this one, too.

“It’s a historic home, and I was concerned about what they were doing,” Mines said.

It appears an addition to the house is being demolished, which was added on by Copperweld in the 1940s as a conference room. An official with the Trumbull County Building Inspector’s Office did confirm that the current owner of the house and adjoining property, Warren Steel Holdings, has a permit to demolish what’s there.

“The interior, the last time I was in seven years ago, was a mess but just needs cleaned up. The bones are good,” Mines said.

Last year, Mines led the effort to save Howland’s historic Yellow House, which also was scheduled for demolition. It has since been moved to a safe location. Now, she is working to save the Harper House, where the front is covered with trees and bushes. Mines says the frame is original, along with the two fireplaces, the layout and the decorative pieces under the roof line, which are wooden acorns.

“Personally, I would like something like a restaurant or something. You don’t know what could become if you demo it. There’s a lot of options out there that if people with the vision and caring heart could do something with it,” Mines said.

The Trumbull County Auditor has a Miami, Florida, address for Warren Steel Holdings, which, when it operated Copperweld Steel, was owned by a Russian company. It’s unclear if the Russian company is still the owner.

We left a message with someone associated with Warren Steel Holdings but have yet to hear back.