WARREN, Ohio (WKBN)- Warren Police Department responded to what they believe to be a possible assault and abduction Monday morning after they talked to a woman who said that she was trying to get away from a man.

Officers were called to a church on the 1500 block of Main Street in Warren around 11 a.m.

Police spoke to the caller, an employee of the church, who said that the victim ran into the church to try to get away from her boyfriend.

The victim told police that she and her boyfriend were fighting all night. She told them that the man would hit her, choke her, take her phone and threw her keys. She also told police that the man would not let her leave and that when she found a way out, he ran after her.

When police checked her apartment, the man could not be found.

Reports said that the victim’s lip and the left side of her face were swollen. She was taken to a hospital for treatment.