YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A woman serving a 6-month jail sentence after she pleaded guilty to charges she abandoned a dog that died of neglect had her request for an release denied.

Judge R. Scott Krichbaum on Feb. 23 denied a motion by Rayne Dunmire, 22, to be released early from the Mahoning County jail, where she is serving the first six months of her sentence of five years in prison.

Dunmire was sentenced Jan. 4 to five years probation with the first six months to be spent in the Mahoning County jail after she pleaded guilty Nov. 2 to a fifth degree felony charge of cruelty to companion animals.

Dunmire was indicted by a grand jury after investigators served a search warrant June 22 at her home in the 200 block of East Boston Avenue and found her German Shepherd dead in her attic.

Dunmire was on vacation in Colorado at the time the warrant was served and when she found out the dog had died she came home.

Dunmire’s attorney said at her sentencing that she had made arrangements for relatives to take care of the dog but they did not follow through. 

As part of her sentence, Dunmire is not allowed to own any animals.