NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – New devices purchased by the Niles Police Department proved their worth over the holiday weekend.

Ashaja Reese, 41, of Youngstown, was stopped in her tracks after she drove away from a traffic stop, according to police.

Officers pulled her over on Route 46 Friday because the license plate on the car she was driving returned an active warrant for the owner, police said.

They found out that Reese was the person with the active warrant, but what she didn’t know is that the officer who pulled her over placed a Piranha pursuit intervention device under her tire while he confirmed that the warrant was good.

When the officer came back to the car and asked Reese to get out, she became agitated and pulled away, according to police. When she did that, the device punctured her tire, causing a slow leak. She ended up crashing into a pole on Route 46 near Salt Springs Road where she was arrested.

“It was effective in this case because, even though the driver was identified as a wanted person, she decided that it was going to be in her best interest to flee during the middle of a traffic stop as opposed to getting arrested for the misdemeanor warrant,” said Captain John Marshall of Niles Police.

Courtesy: Niles Police Dept.

The Piranha device is in all 36 Niles cruisers, and the department has several in reserve.

“The Piranha device did its job and immediately flattened the rear tire,” department officials wrote.

Officers can put it around the tire of a car that’s stopped. If everything goes as planned, it can be picked up and everything is fine. However, if the driver chooses to drive away, the Piranha has spike which deflate the tire.

The Piranha can be reused once it’s reloaded with a new spike cartridge.

Reese was booked into the Trumbull County Jail on charges of obstructing justice and failure to comply. She also has a warrant out of Niles Municipal Court for assault.