CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – A woman was arrested after police say they found drugs in the vehicle she was driving.

Nicole Wolford, 30, was charged with possession of drugs, possession of dangerous drugs, drug paraphernalia, failure to comply and reckless operation.

According to a police report, around 1 a.m. Thursday, Canfield police noticed a vehicle trying to drive in through the main gate at Hunters Woods Condominiums, but the gate was closed. The vehicle then went in through the exit gate after another car exited.

Police say they began to follow the car and that the driver, later identified as Wolford, saw the officer and began driving recklessly through the parking lot. The report states she drove over a curb and grass and continued to speed through the parking lot.

When police attempted to pull over the vehicle, it continued speeding through until it eventually reached a dead end, the report states.

Officers got out and ordered Wolford out at gunpoint. Wolford got out of the car with her hands up and the passenger, Dominic Mashorda, also exited the vehicle.

Officers searched the car and found the following:

  • Baggie of marijuana
  • Tic tac container with gray powder inside
  • Baggie with folded paper inside with white powder
  • Plastic pill bottle with 92 Trazodone pills
  • Plastic pill bottle with 13 Clindamycin pills
  • Gold vial with crack cocaine inside
  • Digital scale
  • Bent spoon
  • Razor with white residue on it
  • Burnt glass crack pipe
  • Metal can with white residue on it
  • Plastic container with small squares of folded paper
  • Cut straw with white powder on it

According to a report, both Wolford and Mashorda told police they didn’t know that any of the items were in the car or where they came from.

Police also found that Wolford had two warrants out for her arrest. One warrant was due to Wolford failing to appear for sentencing on a previous drug trafficking conviction.

Wolford was arraigned on Friday and pleaded not guilty. She was given a $2,500 bond and is set for a pre-trial in February.

Mashorda was charged with drug paraphernalia and drug abuse.