NILES, Ohio (WKBN) — Niles police are trying to find the person who stole a wolf statue from a front yard over the weekend. The woman who owns the statue says she’s both angered and heartbroken.

The wolf statue guarding Erin Murray’s front yard is gone. She bought the concrete wolf about six years ago and says she noticed almost right away that it had disappeared. It happened just before 5:30 a.m. Saturday on Summit Avenue in Niles.

Murray says the statue has some sentimental value and she was shocked someone would take it from her yard.

“This is a very quiet neighborhood, we’ve never had issues with something like this and then all of a sudden I look at my cameras and this guy walks up like he’s known me for 50 years and just takes it,” Murray said. “So it’s like, OK well, I worked hard for that, I mean, it might not mean something to them, but it has a little bit of meaning to me.”

Third Ward Councilwoman Linda Marchese lives across the street.

“I was shocked more so when I saw the videos that she sent,” Marchese said.

The wolf-napping was caught on Murray’s surveillance cameras. In the video, you can see someone in what police believe is a Chevy truck pull up in front of Murray’s house get out, grab the statue and load it into the truck before driving off.

“It’s not something they would have seen in the dark right there at the spur of the moment, so it’s something that [they’ve] been by and maybe like window shopping for things they wanted to drive around and steal,” said Capt. John Marshall of Niles Police Department.

Niles police are asking anyone with information about the truck that was in the surveillance video to give them a call.