(WKBN)- It’s a bittersweet day here at First News, Friday marks Alex George’s last day. Our team at WKBN gave their well wishes and shared their thoughts about her in the video above.

It is a laugh that you have woken up to on First News since 2015. Meteorologist Alex George has been keeping her eyes on the skies, keeping us here in the Valley safe and weather aware.

“Alex, we are going to miss you not only from a professional standpoint but as a person as well. Of course, we never get to see each other too often from the morning to night shift, but I’ve spent quite a few years with you from your internship on and it’s been a pleasure to watch you grow,” said Paul Wetzel.

From there, she headed to Athens, becoming a Bobcat and getting her degree in Meteorology. That is where her skills began but truly came to life here in the Valley.

She has a presence that you can’t deny. From taking something scientific. And making it easy for us without the knowledge to understand. To that unforgettable delivery and her way with words.

“There have been some times when I’ve been on the fence on a forecasting decision and I snuck into your folder to see exactly what you were calling for and more often than not, I was not disappointed. You came through. By the way, I am also going to be stealing some of your stuff. As you could see, this is what’s on my radar. Alex George leaving us always a sunny day. Well-wishes. Best of luck,” said Jim Loboy.

“Alex. I feel so lucky to have worked alongside such a great meteorologist and such a great friend. You’ve been a huge example to me from how to be a hard worker to how to be a good friend and a great mother. You’ve been a part of the valley and have been for so long, and you’ve really impacted a lot of lives, including mine. We’re so lucky to have been a part of your journey. Choose a new chapter and your adventures. you’ll be missed,” said Anna Marsick.

You have watched her grow personally, too. Getting married to Ben, her high school and college sweetheart back in 2016. You also got to meet their first child, a golden retriever named Mia. And most recently, their other first child, a beautiful daughter named Emma.

Alex has an unmatched personality. A loving, caring soul for not just her family and friends, but for anyone she comes across. A lover of sports, even a reigning fantasy football champion, hanging by the pool, and of course…Food.

“I’ve worked with dozens upon dozens of meteorologists throughout my career, and you are without a doubt one of the best from your presence to the way you use your words. but as great as you’ve been inside the building, you are equally, if not greater, outside. you and Ben or Nicolette. nice wedding. the four of us have laughed together, cried together and once even had a confusing pizza incident. Alex for leaving. But goodbyes are final. so from all of us here at WKBN and in the Valley. so long for now,” said Josh Frketic.

We wish Alex the best of luck in her future as she gets to spend time with her family as a mom.