YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – WKBN’s Caring for Our Community campaign announced its Tom Holden Memorial Scholarship winner and runners-up on Wednesday. The winner’s words get turned into a public service announcement that is aired on TV.

Hubbard junior Joseph Komlanc wrote a PSA for his video production class and entered it into the contest. The words he put on the page were a script that had actually played out in real life with his grandfather.

“It was kind of just like really like things that actually happen, like how he would forget who we were, just like talk to us or have conversations with us like we were just strangers,” Komlanc said.

The Alzheimer’s Association agreed that the script is something some people will understand, including Amanda Fanning of the organization’s local chapter.

“I relate a lot because I had my grandfather who had Alzheimer’s, so just that simple conversation is so relatable,” said Fanning.

Komlanc’s script includes a plot twist. It’s the ending which really brings the situation of Alzheimer’s to light.

The ending says Alzheimer’s disease can change anyone’s life.

“So I hope that helps people get a perspective from the outside of people that haven’t really experienced it personally, because that was my goal for writing the scripts,” Kolmanc said.

“So it’s super important that we get the information out there about Alzheimer’s and early detection and just the amazing benefits and programs that the association has to offer,” Fanning added.

Kolmanc, a junior will get the $1,500 scholarship after he graduates and goes to college. He also received an A on his class assignment.

You can read all of the students’ PSA entries below: