With school back in swing, be mindful of school buses on the road

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MINERAL RIDGE, Ohio (WKBN) – With trauma season winding down and thousands of children heading back to the classrooms, school buses will be back on the road. Local EMS officials and school personnel want to remind the community of some back to school pedestrian safety tips.

Schools families and students are changing from summer to school year routines, which is a good time to remind motorists and parents to be aware of their surroundings as school buses are out and children are walking to the bus stops and to school.

“We do see an increase with incidents with school buses. It’s much better than it used to be years ago with all of the community awareness we now have, but we do have incidents every year,” said Judy Hartley, assistant EMS chief of operations at Lane Lifetrans.

To combat those incidents, Assistant Chief Hartley says to wait until the bus comes to a complete stop, don’t play around the school bus and know the danger zones.

As a parent, she says educating your kids is the best thing you can do.

“My kids are very well-aware of the school bus guidelines, and we stand there and go over the rules every day before the first day of school starts for the school season to make sure they understand the regulations and how they should act around the school bus to protect them,” Hartley said.

As the school year approaches for many and even for those already in session, school officials want to remind students to not go near a bus until it is at a complete stop and for drivers to be be more cautious as there could be some foggy mornings and rainy afternoons.

“Keep an eye out for the buses coming across. The first couple of days, it goes a little bit slower because everybody wants to take a picture. With that, we want you to do that, too. We want you to have that great experience, but we want your kids to be safe and sound,” said Damon Dohar, superintendent of Weathersfield Local Schools.

Both school and EMS officials just want everyone to be safe as they are going to and from school this year.

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