BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) — They can’t make a decision, so now the choice of who will be the next Brookfield Township trustee goes to a judge.

In a 10-minute public meeting Thursday, Trustee Dan Suttles said he was unable to come to an agreement with Trustee Mark Ferrara. They were tasked with appointing the next trustee to fill the remainder of Ron Haun’s term after his retirement on Nov. 15.

Since Haun’s term still had a year left, the remaining trustees can appoint a new trustee to serve the term’s remainder. After that term is up, the next trustee would have to be chosen through a public election.

Suttles admitted that the situation is not ideal, as the decision will not be made by someone in the township.

Trumbull County Probate Judge James Fredericka will now make a pick. Suttles said they would give the judge the letters of interest from the 12 applicants, as well as information obtained during public interviews with the candidates on Dec. 7.

It’s a little unclear as to how the process will play out. Suttles said the law doesn’t specifically spell out how Fredericka can make his pick or how long it will take. He said he will let the public know of the decision and personally contact the chosen candidate.

The trustees wouldn’t say why they couldn’t come to an agreement. Suttles said while he is open to transparency, he received legal advice that what is discussed in executive sessions should not be revealed to the public.

The applicants for trustee include the following candidates:

— Shannon Devitz

— Dustin Ghizzoni

— Timothy M. Gladis

— Catherine Hodge

— Josy Kirila

— Frederick L. Longley

— Dion Magestro

— John Martin

— John P. O’Brien

— Roseann Sereday

— Robert C. Wilson

— Blake Yendrek