With less than a week before giveaway, Warren Family Mission in dire need of toys

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The nonprofit has days to turn a now-empty cafeteria into a toy shop for 400 families

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Warren Family Mission said it’s in desperate need of toys this year. With just a week to go before the annual toy giveaway, the Mission is now putting its trust in God as it works against the clock to come up with enough gifts for those who would otherwise go without.

“Five days or so to fill our cafeteria up with toys,” said Dominic Mararri, who runs the Mission.

Just days to turn a now-empty cafeteria into a toy shop for 400 families.

“This year, we just don’t have it,” Mararri said. “I mean, there’s a lot of people out there that don’t have it, there are a lot of agencies that are struggling to make ends meet to be able to do these toy drives.”

There are 1,500 children relying on the Mission to provide toys under their trees for them to open Christmas morning.

“Usually, the three rooms up here are full, so you could see we have one of three rooms full,” Mararri said.

An area where the Mission is especially lacking is presents for teens, which is why gift card and money donations are so important.

“We’re able to take the gift cards and money that’s donated and we’re able to fill those gaps of the toy ages that we need,” Mararri said.

Just a week after the toy giveaway, the Mission will be serving a Christmas dinner to those in need. It expects to serve just as many as the record 3,106 meals served for Thanksgiving.

Right now, it only has 25 of the 200 hams needed to feed the hungry but Mararri said they have hope God will provide.

“We’re truly just activating our faith at the moment, believing that people will have the compassion to donate to be able to provide.”

If you have that compassion, here are some things the Warren Family Mission needs:

– Bikes
– Baby rattles
– Lego sets
– Dolls
– Footballs
– Soccer balls
– Basketballs
– Wallets
– Fingernail polish
– Brushes
– Blow dryers
– Jewelry
– Jewelry boxes
– Watches
– Makeup
– Crafts
– Scarves
– Purses
– Handheld games
– Diaries and journals
– CDs/music
– Toy cars
– Perfume/cologne
– Manicure sets
– Adult and children’s coloring books
– Crayons, markers or colored pencils
– Gift cards
– Board games
– Nerf toys
– Doodle boards
– Learning toys
– Wooden blocks
– New clothes
– Snow toys
– New socks
– New slippers
– Bath toys
– Soap sets
– Curling irons and hair straighteners
– Puzzles
– Hair bands, scrunchies, etc.
– Organization containers
– School locker items

You can also donate money on Warren Family Mission’s website.

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