With hundreds of absences, local school wonders best way to protect students, keep them in school

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COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – The school year just started and already several area school districts are getting concerned about the high number of students out of the classroom.

In Columbiana County, one parent made a plea to the Crestview School Board Wednesday to do something to keep the kids safe and healthy.

Crestview Local School District held their board meeting Wednesday night. One parent spoke up on the need for more to be done as kids continue to be absent from the classrooms.

“There’s a lot of argument about the rules when it comes to masks and quarantine and everything, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but right now there are kids that aren’t in school, and that’s extremely concerning when there are this many kids that aren’t getting proper education, that aren’t getting access to the resources that the schools offer,” said Megan Wagner-Buckley, a Crestview parent.

Crestview students have only been in school for 13 days and they have already had 12 students test positive for COVID-19 and call offs for hand, foot and mouth disease.

As of September 7, there are have been 266 out of 1,200 kids absent through out their district.

“I want to hear what the community has to say about this. We have some critical decisions ahead because we have to lower that number to stay in school. It’s not only with the students but with staff,” said Matthew Manley, Crestview Schools superintendent.

Wagner-Buckley says she would like to see a mask mandate put in place for the district.

She wants to stop the bleed, so to speak, before the whole school has to be shut down. She says the safety of students should be everyone’s top priority.

“Everyone needs to come with their ideas and how we can protect the kids but ultimately keep them in school because I think we should agree that’s the best place for them. That’s where they are going to get the best education, that’s where parents can go to work, that’s where kids are getting resources,” Wagner-Buckley said.

The next board meeting is October 18.

Manley has an advisory meeting every other month for community members to come and chat. Those dates can be found on Crestview Schools’ social media pages.

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