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Winter weather could mean furnace trouble, here's what you should know

If the power goes out, your furnace is useless until it returns

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) - Most newer homes and most newer and more efficient furnaces are now using PVC pipes instead of traditional chimneys.

Unlike chimneys, with blowing and drifting snow, these pipes can get blocked and clogged much easier.

Professionals recommend checking on your furnaces' exhaust pipes.

Make sure there is no snow building up around them. If you lose power, then the furnace is rendered useless but it is always worth checking these pipes once the power is restored and you re-start your furnace.

Your furnace may not work properly or there could be carbon monoxide poisoning if the exhaust pipes get clogged. 

"You don't want any obstruction on there obviously. The furnaces are pretty sensitive to pressures so if you have snow build up around there you want to make sure that the pipe is clear. You want to make sure it can vent properly," said Tom Walden, the general manager for Ainsley 500 Heating and Cooling.

If the power goes out, your furnace is useless until it returns.

Once the power is back on, let the furnace cycle through and if you still don't have heat or warmth from the registers, then there may be a more serious issue with a power surge or with a breaker.

That is when you may want to call a professional. Ainsley 500 Heating and Cooling is just one of the many professionals in the area and they are fully staffed - 24/7/365. 

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