Winter storms bring more than just snow, rain and ice

Local News

As most kids in the Valley were given the day off school, others were shoveling sidewalks and plow drivers were working to keep the roads clear.

The mix of snow, rain and sleet worried Mahoning County Engineer Pat Ginnetti. He worried the changeover from snow would happen before the mercury climbed, creating even more dangerous conditions.

“When we get freezing rain, it just poses so many problems because you don’t know where the roads are going to ice up first,” he said.

Our cameras rode along with a plow truck driver as local, county and state crews were clearing away as much of the snow as they could before it started raining. Ginnetti says that comes with its own set of problems.

“Especially if it comes down heavy, potholes will be filled in with water. You may not see them. There may be some slick spots that you are not going to know until you are on top of it.”

And all that rain, coupled with the rising and falling temperatures, will create more of what Ginnetti calls “the vicious cycle” — meaning more potholes to fill.

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