YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – One local event was not canceled because of the winter storm. In fact, it probably didn’t need to be canceled at all because the vehicles involved can make it through anything.

The Toughest Monster Truck Tour is still taking place Friday and Saturday night. Both events start at 7:30 p.m. at the Covelli Centre.

On Friday, before the show, we attended what’s known as the “pit party,” where everyone was close to the trucks and the drivers.

Zach Jensen posed for pictures while the monster truck he drives, named Kamikaze, was in the background.

“It is awesome, I tell you. It’s a rush. It’s my dream job,” Jenson said.

“People in Youngstown always come out, whether it’s snowing or not,” said Kelly Goldman.

Goldman is the promoter for the Toughest Monster Truck Tour.

“We do a wheeling competition. We do racing that people are going in a circle, so sometimes they crash during racing. Then they do the freestyle at the end where they do donuts and just generally try to impress the crowd, which people love,” she said.

The event is catered toward kids, and there were a lot of them running around the dirt that covered the Covelli Centre floor.

“We brought our grandson down to see the monster trucks because he really enjoyed them. He and his mom watch them on TV all the time, so we just brought him down to see him,” said Krishawn Shaw, of Youngstown.

Reporter Stan Boney: “What do you think of the trucks so far?”
Weston Rhoades: “They’re all really cool.”
Boney: “You going to take your pictures with one of them?”
Rhoades: “A few of them.”

While a lot of kids did take pictures, there was also a dirt pile with toy trucks for them to play in. Braceville’s Noah Hicks was found in the pile. He says he’s been here many times.

“Well, they can expect it to be loud,” Hicks said.

So loud, in fact, that some kids were equipped with ear protection.

“Extremely loud. Very, very, very loud,” Shaw said.

“Like good times. Kids can use their outdoor voices. There’s no sit down and be quiet here,” Goldman said.

While Jensen enjoys the racing, he also enjoys the pit parties, too.

“I enjoy being out here with the kids. They get you all pumped up. ‘Hey, are you going to win? Hey, good luck!’ That’s what I like,” Jensen said.

Goldman said this was the 10th year the monster trucks have come to Youngstown.

As of about 6:30 p.m. Friday, tickets were still available for Saturday’s show. Visit the Covelli Centre’s website to purchase tickets.