HERMITAGE, Pa. (WKBN) – We’ve reported that prices of some spirits and wine in Pennsylvania are going up. The 4% increase on wines and liquors goes into effect this Sunday.

On Friday, Tom Ristvey, the owner of Vey’s Pub and Grille in Hermitage, poured his customer a glass of wine — wine that will see a price increase this Sunday.

“It’s like anything else. I mean, everything has gone up. Lettuce has gone up. Everybody knows about eggs right now and now it’s liquor going up. Beer’s gone up,” Ristvey said.

Just like every restaurant and bar in Pennsylvania, liquor must be purchased through state stores.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) announced that a 4% price increase on 3,500 popular items was necessary.

“It’s just another, another dagger in our industry of trying to figure out how to be profitable,” Ristvey said.

Even items like the very popular High Noon vodka seltzers will see an increase. Shoppers pay $10.99 for a four-pack now. However, consumers can expect to pay $11.39 starting Sunday.

“It’s not that high and at our age, we’re retired, we can’t take it with us, so… my kids don’t want my money so we’ll spend it,” said Rocky Russo, of Hermitage.

Russo says he doesn’t mind paying a bit more for wine and spirits. However, as of right now, Vey’s will not be raising prices on the drink menu.

“We’ve decided we’re not going to raise our costs. We’re going to see how things go over the next month or two and as long as we’re still profitable and we can still pay our bills, then we’ll keep things as they are,” Ristvey said.

The PLCB says this increase will continue to help finance various public services throughout the state.