Wild Mustangs adopted Saturday as part of government relocation program

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SOUTHINGTON, Ohio (WKBN) – On Saturday, wild mustangs were up for adoption right in Northeast Ohio.

About 30 were at Southington Mustang Academy as part of the Bureau Management’s program to protect wild mustangs.

Laurina Webster’s lifelong dream was to own a mustang – one that came true on Saturday.

“He walked right up to the fence. That’s what made me want him because he wasn’t as shy as the rest of them,” Webster said.

This love of horses has been passed down to her daughters.

“My dad used to say we were born on a horse’s back – catch him in the barn at 2 a.m. sleeping with my horse,” said Webster’s daughter Reanna White.

“I was like 2 years old on my dad’s mare in the wintertime riding her, him leading her around and I’m holding onto the horn,” said Webster’s daughter Nyoka Bradford.

This mustang is only about a year old and has a lot of growing up to do – just like granddaughter Isabella Bradford.

“My mom grew up with them. I want to be just like her,” Isabella Bradford said.

Her grandmother hopes she’ll ride him in the future. Other, more experienced mustang owners stopped at the adoption event. Lillian Sebring owns four mustangs and has started entering competitions with one.

“I’ve had her for about a year. She came to me unbroke and she’s now doing barrel races and just won me $100,” Sebring said.

She said training them is hard work and horses can be dangerous if you are unexperienced.

“It’s kind of like a rush. It’s not the same feeling you would get from a regular horse. Totally different. I love it. Once you have their trust, you’ll have it forever,” Sebring said.

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