BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Friday has been a busy day moving snow. It can be moved, but sometimes it’s difficult to find a place to put the snow. Plus, some tall snow mounds still remain from the last storm. So, now what?

Several impressive mounds of snow can be seen in the Giant Eagle parking lot in Boardman. Some have to be about 15 feet high.

They are all scattered throughout the parking lot and according to one snowplow driver, this is done strategically. They try and find places that are as far away from the main entrance as possible to put the piles on top of piles of snow.

Snowplow drivers have to keep aware of sightlines, though, meaning they don’t want to block a driver’s view as they are working their way around a parking lot.

It is possible that the piles can get too high. If that happens, a front loader and dump truck will be needed to remove the snow and dump it somewhere else.

Since Jan. 16 — three weeks ago from Saturday, so a period of 20 days — we have received 31.2 inches of snow (not just including the below list of numbers) at the airport in Vienna. It is 19 inches above normal, which is the snowiest period we’ve had in three years.

All of that snow has fallen over six back-to-back days.

  • Jan. 16 – 5.0 inches
  • Jan. 17 – 6.9 inches
  • Jan. 23 – 4.3 inches
  • Jan. 24 – 2.6 inches
  • Feb. 3 – 8.0 inches
  • Feb. 4 – 2.6 inches

Besides all the inches of snow we’ve had, another reason these big piles of snow have not gone anywhere is that temperatures have remained cold. Since that first big snow on Jan. 16, we’ve had only five days where temperatures were above freezing.