(WKBN) — It’s been costing quite a bit more to fill up the gas tank lately, and it could cost a lot more to stay warm this winter.

Supporters of the oil and gas industry say there is a enough energy in the ground beneath us to last a few hundred years.

“If Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia were its own nation, we’d be the third largest natural gas producer in the world because of the resources that we have,” said Ohio Oil & Gas Energy Education Program executive director George Brown.

Brown said supply issues and regulatory concerns are driving up fuel costs.

“Individuals who heat their home with natural gas, which is two out of three Ohioans, are likely to see a 30% increase,” Brown said.

He said the Consumer Energy Alliance is predicting Americans will spend $13 billion more to heat their homes this winter than last year, and it comes at a time when people in the Valley are paying a dollar a gallon more to fill their cars than they did last November.

“And again, it does not need to be that way,” Brown said.

“You can’t do what this administration is attempting to do without destroying America’s economy,” said Valley Congressman Bill Johnson.

Johnson has long been a supporter of the oil and gas industry in Northeast Ohio. He believes the Biden Administration’s actions will affect what people in the Mahoning Valley are paying to fill up.

He is especially critical of studies being conducted over whether or not to shut down an oil pipeline running underneath the Great Lakes in Michigan, which Johnson said supplies gasoline to much of northern Ohio.

“This idealogical vendetta against fossil fuels is just wrong-headed thinking,” Johnson said.

While the Biden administration is pushing to move the country away from dependence on fossil fuels, Johnson said the solution may come if voters force change in Washington.