GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) — Three months ago, Rolling Mills Bar and Grill was sold at auction — or at least the owner thought it was sold at auction. As it turns out, the group which bought the place backed out of the deal and now it’s up for auction again.

It’s a Wednesday afternoon at Rolling Mills Bar and Grill on Route 422 in Girard. One sign advertises a 4 p.m. opening and a 6:30 p.m. dance. While another tells of how Rolling Mills will be auctioned again on Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 12:30 p.m.

“So we’ve been operating since that day and are still operating,” said Rand Fusselman, who has owned Rolling Mills for five years having bought what was formerly Kuzman’s.

“So people have been coming here for a long time. It would be nice for it to stay the way it was,” said auctioneer Randall Kiko on May 11 when Rolling Mills was auctioned for the first time for $400,000 to a group of restaurateurs led by Warren businessman Ted Bloom.

“Over the course of the 45 days that they had to complete that transaction, the last day they backed out,” said Fusselman.

First News tried contacting Bloom but never heard back. Fusselman doesn’t know why they backed out.

“There’s no reason whatever. They avoided us for 45 days almost. So I have no idea what the problem was really,” said Fusselman.

To help what he thought would be the new owners, Fusselman decided to remain open.

“Our intent was to stay open really to help them out. Their intention was, they told us on the sale day and up to about a few days later, was to continue to operate much like it was operating. So we didn’t want to start canceling our bands and lay off our help and things like that because we thought they might want them,” said Fusselman.

First News was told by an auctioneer that when someone backs out of an auction they can lose their down payment and possibly have to make up the difference if the property later sells for less. Fusselman’s hoping that doesn’t happen.

“I mean you always hope to get the same or more,” said Fusselman.