(WKBN) – With the frigid temperatures plaguing the Valley, one thing to be aware of is icicles forming outside of homes.

Large icicles can be dangerous, as they tend to fall and could potentially harm anyone standing near them.

“Obviously they can be very long heavy. You see on some of the houses they can extend four, five, eight feet long, real thick. If those were to come down, that could cause some serious damage to people,” said Eric Dando of E’Z Gutter Service.

Too many icicles could even lead to damage to your gutters, causing them to break or bend.

Dando said if you have big icicles hanging from your house or garage, you may want to consider knocking them down. However, that can also be dangerous so having a professional do it may be a better option.

“I wouldn’t risk it, plus it’s very cold and just the safety hazards, you don’t wanna damage your property or other’s property,” said Cain Dando with E’Z Gutter Service.

Both Eric and Cain say the best method is prevention. In order to prevent the icicles from forming, it’s important to take proper care of your gutters regularly.

“Always a simple cleaning of artificial organic materials out of your gutters. We do bi-annual cleanouts — fall and spring time — and there’s more than likely clogs, the water has nowhere to go, ice builds up and preventative maintenance, it’s simple but it’s definitely, definitely necessary,” Cain said.

If you are looking to take care of the icicles yourself, Cain says there are materials and chemicals you can have installed to deflate the icicles.

If you do knock them down, you should use a long tool from a distance so you are not standing where they can hit you. You should only gently tap the icicles to avoid damaging your gutters or windows. You also want to make sure to clean them up off the ground to avoid any accidents.