(WKBN) – The baby formula shortage has been at an all-time high nationwide. Many parents have resorted to using alternative formulas and even making their own.

A pediatrician with Akron Children’s Hospital had a warning about the dangers of alternative feeding methods.

“Watering down formula — so that’s one of the methods that families are using — and the problem with that is that you know, they are doing that because they think they can kind of stretch what they have, but you are watering down the nutrition and calories, and that’s very detrimental,” said Dr. Sarah Adams.

Adams emphasized the lack of nutrients in other alternative milk like cow’s milk, oat, goat and almond milk.

Adams said one of the biggest concerns with alternative baby formula is the lack of iron, calcium, zinc and protein. She believes that this can lead to significant developmental delays and improper brain development.

Pediatricians at Akron Children’s Hospital are advising people not to make their own formula.

“Improper balance of nutrition, too much water can be intoxicating to a baby because it waters down their electrolytes, and then other things that can be complicated from that are things like seizures and even allergic reaction,” Adams said.

Doctors at the hospital advise parents to first check with their pediatrician or family doctor practice for alternative options. If this is not possible, there are alternative programs to help.

“I would recommend finding out if they qualify for their local Women, Infant and Children, which is called the WIC program,” Adams said.

Akron Children’s Hospital has resources for more information about infant health on its website.