(WKBN) — If there’s one thing you can find every Christmas, it’s last-minute shoppers.

Stores and malls were packed Friday as people try to find those final Christmas gifts.

The Southern Park Mall gave people the opportunity to do last-minute shopping as well as soak in Christmas activities like horse-drawn carriages and ice skating at the DeBartolo Commons.

Many shoppers said they waited so long to shop because life just got in the way.

“With life and work and everything going on it’s just hectic to get out there ahead of time and there’s just always something you forget,” said shopper Amanda Nogay.

Others said they ordered most of their gifts online through Amazon and other stores. Friday, they were looking for a few small gifts they forgot to order.

Chris Huda is originally from Boardman but lives in Columbus now. He said his family came into town to see grandma and grandpa for Christmas.

Huda said it’s nice to be back in the area at Southern Park Mall, but normally he doesn’t wait quite this long to buy Christmas gifts.

“Not quite this last-minute for the Christmas Eve but usually the week or the week before,” Huda said.

The Southern Park Mall said it saw more shoppers this Christmas Eve than in years past. As some shoppers finish their gift buying for others, they also decided to treat themselves.

“Last shopping a little bit for my daughter, the rest is for me,” said shopper Ludaeina Reyes.

The Southern Park Mall closed at 5 p.m. Friday and will be closed all day on Christmas.