YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The price of eggs is coming down, but real savings won’t be seen at the dairy case for a while.

The USDA released its Egg Market Overview over the weekend. The agency says more eggs were delivered last week — it’s up 11%. And future deliveries are up 14%. More inventory will help with the price for shoppers.

The Midwest wholesale price for large eggs delivered to warehouses decreased by $0.13 to $5.17 a dozen.

Eggs have been expensive all year largely because of a nationwide bird flu outbreak, supply chain challenges and high feed costs.

Imports of shelled eggs and egg products rose to the highest level since June 2017 as egg product manufacturers looked to foreign sources to offset domestic shortages of stock. The eggs are mostly coming from Turkey.

Consumer demand for eggs continues to decrease from holiday levels and that is helping, but it still remains high entering the new year, compared to 2022.

Right now, retailers are just trying to replenish inventory to normal operating levels. It could be several months before eggs are at the price point shoppers are used to paying.

A check of prices this week, locally, shows the average price for a dozen large eggs at large grocers is between $3.99 and $4.99.