YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The WKBN 27 Storm Team is predicting some pretty big weather conditions this weekend. It got us thinking about checking on your insurance.

Living in the Midwest, thunderstorms are expected. One way to minimize damage is to prepare for it.

Remove low-hanging tree limbs over your home or shed. And Adam Myers from The Agent Insurance Services has noticed that high winds have a tendency to blow around trampolines.

“If you have the ability to bring it in a garage when a wind storm is coming or securing it down in any way, that would be a good idea. They tend to be something that does not end up in your yard when the storm is over.” Myers said.

A storm can have a big impact, even after it’s gone. John Mang of Mang Family Insurance believes understanding your coverages is a big deal.

“Do you have enough sewer and drain, water backup coverage? We have a lot of grids here in the area that if you get any type of wind, your power is affected. Do you have a backup generator,? Do you have a battery backup for your sump pumps?” Mang said.

The time to double-check what’s covered by your policy, like wind and hail damage, is now before a storm. Some people will write down an inventory of what’s in their homes. You can also do that inventory on your phone.

“Maybe walk and video things and hopefully it’s stored on a cloud, but you can walk and video and just talk about different possessions that you have as you walk through your house,” Myers said.

It’s important to review your policy every year before renewal, or whenever you have a life event that changes information. Storms can do damage in so many ways. Winds tend to target roofs. Water tends to target lower areas, such as basements.

“Just having your policy handy and understanding what kind of coverages you have goes a long way,” Mang said.

Both agents said making sure you have a safe place to be during a storm is the most important thing. Then, you can focus on other things after the storm passes.