What year was it? Brookfield historical land marker might be wrong

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The township seal says 1797, but one individual says it should say 1799

BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The year Brookfield Township was founded still hangs in the balance following the trustees monthly meeting Monday evening.

During the meeting, Lois Werner said the date 1797 on the historical land marker in Brookfield has no meaning and that the official founding date is 1799.

Werner was the archivist for the Brookfield Historical Society up until she resigned two years ago.

She also says she has a copy of documentation from the Offices of the Connecticut Land Company to prove it.

Brookfield Trustee Ronald Haun said he has a ton of respect for Werner and said she has done a lot of research on the township from her time with the historical society.

“The research she’s done is always spot on, and if she’s correct, then we as a township need to correct that,” said Haun.

Chairman of the Trustees Dan Suttles said he was surprised when he heard what Werner said because they have the date 1797 prominently displayed on the seal of the township.

“This was long before I was trustee that they had determined that date, and for her to discover that, I thought it was quite interesting,” he said.

Werner told the trustees that she would show them a copy of the documentation she has.

First News spoke to Haun and Suttles on Oct. 6, a day after the meeting, and they hadn’t seen it yet.

First News also reached out to Werner but has not heard back yet.

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