(WKBN) — A major milestone Thursday in the COVID pandemic. The number of people killed by COVID hit one million. To honor those who died, President Biden ordered all flags flown at half staff until Monday. This is as cases in Ohio and around Youngstown are increasing though not to the point where doctors and health officials are concerned.

The last time we heard of serious problems with the COVID virus snow covered the ground around Mercy Health Youngtown.

“In fact, Ohio is averaging a staggering 22,000 new COVID-19 cases every day,” said Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff with the Ohio Department of Health.

These are the latest trends in Ohio’s COVID case:

Ohio COVID Cases May 12

Their weekly totals end on the dates shown. In over four weeks they’ve more than doubled but are still well below the 135,000 Ohio reported during the first week of Jan.

“It is decreasing in intensity I think it’s pretty clear, and I can feel comfortable saying that. It’s also increasing in infectivity,” said Chief Clinical Officer at Mercy Health, Dr. James Kravec.

“It’s a good thing that we’re seeing mild symptoms with this but a lot of that could be contributed to a good majority of individuals are vaccinated,” said Mahoning County Health Commissioner Ryan Tekac.

Hospitalizations have also risen. As of Thursday, 524 Ohioans were hospitalized with COVID, up from 312 four weeks ago, but well below the 6,700 on Jan. 10.

Ohio Hospital COVID May 12

Dr. Kravec said most people are experiencing cold-like symptoms that last a few days.

“This is good, this is a good thing. This is kind of what we’ve been waiting for. Having people get more natural immunity, with actually less severity, this is great,” said Dr. Kravec.

The number of deaths in Ohio has decreased from 94 four weeks ago to 57 this past week — again well below the 625 during the first week of Jan.

Ohio COVID Deaths May 12

“Hopefully this is a sign that although the transmission is still present in the communities, it’s not necessarily transferring to hospitals or ICUs or deaths,” said Dr. Kravec.

these are cases from the past four weeks in Mahoning County which is the most populous county that we cover. News cases this past week rose to 228 — nowhere close to the 3,000 in early Jan.

Mahoning County COVID Cases May 12