(WKBN) – Was your mailbox damaged by a snowplow? Hundreds of them across the state need to be replaced after the cleanup from the winter storm. We break down how you can get a replacement.

Across much of the Valley, mailboxes are broken, cracked, leaning and in need of repair.

“You have such heavy snow and the snow has nowhere to go, obviously, and you’ve got the mailboxes right next to the road there and that’s an unfortunate part of plowing,” said Ray Marsch, a spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Amanda Johnson lives in Lordstown, where her mailbox was left in pieces.

“Lordstown Road Department that just came through trying to get the snow off and ended up taking out the mailbox with it,” she said.

Johnson says all of her previous mailboxes were attached to her house prior to moving to Lordstown so she wasn’t sure what to do.

“Called Lordstown Road Department and they said they would add me to the list. I knew I wasn’t the only one,” she said.

If your mailbox has been damaged by a plow crew, you’ll need to figure out if a city, county or state agency is responsible and reach out to them.

“At ODOT, we plow all interstates and we plow all U.S. routes and state routes that are located outside of the city,” Marsch said.

You should also call the post office to discuss delivery options until your mailbox is fixed.

Johnson said it took three days to get her replacement but she plans on making changes next year.

“All these people have these blast boards, they’re called, in front of their mailboxes. I asked why they had wood in front of their mailbox because I had no idea why it was just standing there,” she said.