WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – Wet roads and freezing temperatures were the perfect storm for accidents in the Valley Friday.

Accidents happened on several local highways, especially on bridges and overpasses. ODOT spokesperson Ray Marsch says that brine should stay on roads throughout the weekend, but crews will be ready in case snow flies.

“We’ve had around 25 crews out between Mahoning and Trumbull counties treating the roadway. They started early in the morning as the snow started to accumulate, so they were out all morning and throughout the afternoon,” Marsch said.

Sgt. Ray Santiago with the Ohio State Highway Patrol says before you head out on those roads, pack some blankets, a shovel to dig out your exhaust and some winter gear in case you get stranded.

“Making sure that their vehicles are in top shape that the tire tread is good, they have washer fluid and properly changing our wiper blades,” Santiago said.

He added that in snowy conditions, it’ll take you three times the distance to stop, turn or accelerate.

“If you are doing anything that is jerky, or just slamming on your brakes, or you find yourself spinning out and you cut the wheel real hard, you’re doing nothing more than making the situation worse,” Santiago said.

And if you do get in an accident, call emergency services. Most importantly, stay in your car until help arrives.

“Never blindly exit your vehicle to asses any sort of damage, especially if you’re in an area where there isn’t a guard rail or some sort of barrier for you to stand behind for safety,” Santiago said.

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Freezing conditions are expected to continue over the weekend. ODOT reminds you that if you see salt trucks, steer clear and give them plenty of room to treat the roads.